Below is the step-by-step process by which Sewah Studios produces fine-quality cast aluminum historic markers. The process reads from left to right, top to bottom.

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Prepare pattern layout
Attach letters to pattern
Place pattern face-up on bottom board
Sift facing sand onto pattern
Position mold flask and clamp
Fill flask with molding sand
Pack sand with air hammer
Place new bottom board on mold and clamp
Flip mold over and remove clamps
Remove bottom board
Lift pattern from sand
Pat sand firm with hand trowel
Pat sand in seal / emblem
Cut gates in sand to channel molten metal into mold cavity
Tilt mold and blow loose sand away with air hose
Place mold on bottom board and repeat process for top half
Transfer molten metal from melting furnace to pouring ladle
Pour molten metal into mold
Remove casting from sand
and hose down with water
Saw gates off of casting
Remove rough edges from
casting with air chisel
Grind letter faces
and casting surface
Repair flaws and pits in casting
Spray paint two coats of background paint and bake dry
Airbrush special detail
when required
Roll paint on raised letters
Apply gold leaf to letter
faces when specified
Final touch-up
prior to baking dry
A sample final product prior to
wrapping for shipment